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Jensen Motors Limited


Jensen Restoration

Our team consists of some of the most knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated people in the world, who have been involved in some of the most exciting and revolutionary restorations and rebuilds of recent years, including the ‘new’ Jensen Interceptor R.



We pride ourselves on the quality of our work at every stage, ensuring that the finished vehicle is a source of pride, not just for our customers, but also for our company. Our team are experts in Jensen restoration and Jensen custom builds, and our personal reputations with these cars are unrivalled. We simply do not believe that our craftsmanship and attention to detail can be bettered, and we believe that the quality of our work speaks for itself.

As a small and passionate team specialising in exclusive and classic cars, refurbishment and bespoke builds, our customer relationships are as important to us as the quality of our work. Our custom builds are individually tailored to our customer’s needs, with a small and select team dedicated to each project, ensuring expert advice is available at every stage. We offer honest advice, recommending packages that suit both needs and budget, and with Bavarez you can rest assured that we deliver exactly what we promise, to the smallest part of your build, never compromising on perfection.


At Bavarez Jensen  we pride ourselves on our loving restoration, quality and attention to detail.

Every vehicle that comes to our workshop is treated with the care and attention the iconic Jensen Interceptor deserves.  Each individual component is removed, wrapped for protection, catalogued (photographed if required) and stored securely in an individual, dedicated area.  As many parts as possible are refurbished and restored, and repainted or re-chromed as necessary in order to maintain the heritage of each individual vehicle.

Within our company, we have the ability to expertly dip, repair and fully restore complete chassis, re-treating with a specialist eco-coat as standard.  Replacement panels are lovingly crafted using the original techniques.


Where this is not possible, new panels are either  fabricated by hand by our specialist team within our own workshops or purchased from specialists and formed from the original Jensen presses (Martin Robey).  We believe in maintaining the high standards of the original level of expert craftsmanship, where vehicles were lovingly made by hand, and keeping with tradition, we craft and fit every chassis component by hand, tailoring them to the individual car, and ensuring a perfect and lasting fit.  The completed, fully-restored shells are then lead loaded to ensure smooth and strong panel joints.

The final stage for any chassis is the paint shop, where our experts can match the exact factory finish of the original Jensen, or offer a bespoke colour scheme as required.